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Facilities & Asset Management Services

Managing assets and facilities consumes up to 70% of corporate expenditure. Its parasitical effect takes a toll as huge operational and maintenance costs.


Our Facility & Asset Management Services is about real cost reductions with precise deliverables that lead to tangible long-term savings.
More businesses are entrusting this component into the hands of professionals like us. Safety is at the heart of everything that we do.

We offer :

Hard Facilities Management


Operation & Maintenance of :

i.Mechanical System

ii.Electrical System

iii.Plumbing System

iv.Building Fabric Maintenance

Soft Facilities Management


Vendor Management of :

i.Cleaning Services

ii.Landscaping Services

iii.Waste Management Services

iv.Security Services

v.Hygiene Services

Power & Utilities Services

We help our clients enhance their value chain through efficient, reliable and safe methods in operation maintenance & utilities services.


We prioritize cost effective management, maintaining the key performance index and service level agreements in serving our clients who span across oil and gas, utility power, captive power, petrochemical and water treatment industries among others

We offer :

Start Up Services


Manpower Support – Soft Skills & Hard Skills

Utility Support

Start-Up & Performance Testing

Specialized Operations

Assistance & Consulting

Infrastructure Financing, Design/Build, Ownership & Operations

Plant Process & Technical Audit

Project Management

Re-Engineering Assessments

M & E Inspections

Training Programme

Development & Delivery

Quality Assurance / Control Programme

Electrical Competency Services

Energy Efficiency Audit

Reliability Centred Maintenance (ROM) Programme

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) Programme

Plant Commissioning & Verification

Operation & Maintenance


Plant Management & Operation Management

Plant Performance Analysis & Technical Authoring

Environmental Health & Safety

Supply Chain Management

Plan & Corrective Maintenance

Major Overhaul & Refurbishment

Competent Operation Maintenance & Manpower Assignment




Certification Training

EHS Compliance Audit

Statutory Local

Facility Consultancy & Post Construction Management Services


Our Facility Consultancy & Project Management team spearhead the flawless transition management and operational readiness towards improved streamlined project management, job tasking, defending clients’ expectation, ensuring key deliverables of project milestones, cost and monitoring budgets. In addition to that, this dedicated team provides consultancy support to our green Initiative projects, especially in the area of energy efficiency.

We offer ;


Start-Up Engineering Support.


Maintenance and inspection planning

Shutdown/turnaround management and organization

Operating manuals and procedures


Asset Optimization


Manage the implementation and operation of computer maintenance system (CMMS)


Commissioning , Validation & Takeover(Post Construction)


i.Witnessing & validation of commissioning & takeover of the following system from OEM’s, vendor and contractors.

ii.Developing standard procedures and formats for commissioning, performance testing, takeover.

iii.Review and standardizing vendor commissioning & takeover documents.

iv.Developing a master commissioning & takeover schedule.

v.Conducting pre-commissioning plant audits & walk-through.

vi.Witnessing over plant as owner’s representative.

vii.Managing the defects liability period.


Operations Readiness, Budgetory & Cost Control (Post Construction)

Supply Chain & Maintenance Management

Circular Economy Project, Sustainability & Green Initiatives Project


Our company along with its trusted partners provides intelligent and sustainable alternatives by using leading cutting –edge technologies.

Why do I need to plan for energy management ?

The government mandates are clear. Reduce overall energy use, rely more on energy from renewable sources and measure and manage energy use more carefully. This mandate applies to all government buildings. To execute this, the government and utilities strongly urge commercial and industrial enterprises to manage their usage.

Four areas to develop your energy management plan :

Strategy and Planning

  • Establish energy management vision and commitment
  • Set Energy Goals and Objectives (short and long-term)
  • Assign Sources , Roles and Responsibilities
  • Define Budgets and Fundings

Operational Plan

  • Access current status (energy audit) to identify all energy management opportunities (baseline)
  • Use energy audit and recommendations to prioritize, plan & allocate resources
  • Create a plan to engage the organization & drive energy

Execution and implementation

  • Execution and implementation
  • No-cost operating & housekeeping changes
  • Commissioning, re-commissioning and continuous monitoring
  • Design, install , commission upgrades & retrofits

Measurement and continuous improvement

  • Measure & continuously improve
  • Measure & verify requirements
  • Knowledge management
  • Continuously review plans and results

Terotechnology Global can assist you with any, if not all of your energy management needs, helping to ensure actionable, measurable and sustainable results.

Your goals and objectives can include regulatory requirements, business objectives, facility certifications, specific energy reduction targets, renewable energy integration and more.


For energy audits, we will take into account your technology, people and operations/control strategies, focus on the total energy picture , HVACs, utilities and all electrical consumption within your facility.


Plans and recommendations will encompass key business priorities without compromising on the quality of the work environment.

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