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Passcuran K. Kunjirama Founder-Group Managing Director

We efficiently manage your assets, optimise your life-cycle costs, and maintain your facilities in a cost-effective manner.

Terotechnology Global Sdn Bhd is a global leader in the facilities management solutions to the healthcare, financial, telecommunication, manufacturing, education, commercial real estate and utilities sectors, offering a wide range of services for customers in government and industry. From project conception and development, to design, financing, construction and operations, Terotechnology Global responds creatively to our customers needs and provides innovative approaches that meet their unique objective. In fact, Terotechnology Global offers the systems, the experience, and the people to successfully manage all work functions.

Our Business Imperatives

Our Customers

We exceed our esteemed customers’ expectation by providing them with exceptional services and delivering products of premium quality that meet the best global standards. We are committed to consistently offering efficient, reliable, and trustworthy services that uphold our customers’ satisfaction. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of our operations has established our position as a leader in the industry.

Our People

We continue to improve our workforce by providing comprehensive training and development programmes, as well as investing in the latest technology. These strategic investments are crucial to the growth and success of our organization as they ensure that our employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles and meaningfully contribute to our organisation’s objectives. Additionally, the integration of technology into our workforce’s practices empowers us to streamline processes, optimize operations, and stay competitive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Our company, along with our valued customers and trusted partners, is deeply committed to promoting sustainability and green initiatives. Our aim is to provide services that assist our clients in achieving their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Simultaneously, offering eco-friendly solutions and practicing responsible resource management through innovative technology and value engineering. We collaborate closely with our OEMs and vendors to provide our clients with top-quality, environmentally friendly and economically viable options. Furthermore, we are proud to have established a strategic alliance with our international green technology partners. We are committed to providing exceptional services and solutions to our clients and partners alike.

Our Business Model

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) :

  • Comprehensive IFM
  • Human capital development

Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

EPC is a project approach that utilizes the energy savings and revenue gains to pay for the project cost.


Private Finance Initiative (PFI)

Under a private finance initiative, a private company handles the up-front costs instead of the government. In return, the government authority makes payments to the private company over the long term.

  • Green Initiative Project
  • Circular Economy Project

Our Founder

With great pleasure, welcome to Terotechnology Global Sdn Bhd!

Our Founder

With great pleasure, welcome to Terotechnology Global Sdn Bhd!

Corporate Information

Name : Terotechnology Global Sdn Bhd


Company Registration No : 886750 – K


Corporate Status : Private Limited Company


Date Incorporated : 19 January 2010


Registered Address : B607, 6TH Floor, Block B, Kelana Square (Dataran Usahawan Kelana),17 Jalan SS7/26 , 47301 Kelana Jaya , Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Business Address : No.82-2, Jalan 8/62A, Bandar Menjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Paid Up Capital : RM 750,000


Authorised Capital : RM 1,000,000


Company Secretary : Quantum Commercial Resources Sdn Bhd


Bankers : Malayan Banking Berhad


SST Registration No : W10-1803-31008084


Phone : 603 62764042


Fax : 603 62755250


Terotechnology Global has experienced steady growth in utility operations, maintenance and management services. Today, we have a staff of more than 300 highly skilled, trained professionals and operate an estimated 3.8 billion dollars worth of assets in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Board of Director

Passcuran K. Kunjirama


Abi Sofian Abdul Hamid

Management Team

Meet our executive leadership team.



Dr P Radah Krishnan

PhD, MEng (Mechanical)
28 years



Amnani Ali

MEng , BEng (Electrical)
10 years



Anisha Madhavi Passcuran

MSc (Global Strategy and Sustainability), BLaw
7 years



Mohd Razib Samsudin

DipEng (Electrical)
15 years



Zuri Bujai

BBusiness Admin
25 years



NorHayati Mohd Suri

BHuman Resources
15 years



chandra Segaran

33 years



Jaya Lakshmi

BBA, Safety Green Book
21 years



Fatimah Binti Nordin

Dip Interior Design
25 years

Our Associate Companies

Our Wholly Owned Subsidiary Companies

Our Sustainability and Green Initiatives Partner

Biomass Treatment

Renewable Energy

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TeroGreen Technology Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Terotechnology Sdn Bhd.

Through its partnership with – AquaGreen, G-Philos, and Ramco, they are able to provide cost effective and intelligent solutions to safeguard the environment in the areas of biomass treatment, renewable energy and digitalisation respectively.

Utilizing leading cutting-edge technologies and analytical tools, TeroGreen delivers efficient green solutions to their clients that help reduce their carbon footprint, energy usage, recover avoidable energy losses, and replace conventional energy sources with renewable energy sources and much more.

Furthermore, through their holistic service offerings, TeroGreen’s clients are able to enjoy one time and year-on-year sustainable savings .

Hartanah Tero incorporated in February 2014 is a joint venture between AmanahRaya Hartanah Sdn Bhd and Terotechnology Global Sdn Bhd.

Hartanah Tero sole purpose is to support AmanahRaya Berhad and its subsidiaries in the area of asset optimization, green initiatives and facilities management.

Hartanah Tero is technically supported by Terotechnology Global Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian based company that specializes in providing Total Facility Management (TFM), Operations & Maintenance (O&M), and Engineering services.

We practice a flexible, innovative approach tailored to meet our client requirements in the provision of TFM services and relieve our clients of the distracting chores of servicing, maintenance or managing building, facilities or assets. Thereby, permitting them to fully concentrate on their primary business activities. Our O&M services are designed to optimize plant operational efficiency and maximize client’s return on assets while our engineering services focus on plant expansions, improvements and audits.

Terotechnology Singapore provides facilities management solutions to various industries such as healthcare, financial, telecommunication, manufacturing, education, commercial real estate and utility sectors, Terotechnology Singapore also provides the solution for our client sustainability goals and circular economy.

AquaGreen is an engineering company within the Cleantech industry with a strong R&D background.

AquaGreen’s new groundbreaking technology can dry sewage sludge and wet biomass using the calorific value in the biomass. This is done by their patent pending integrated steam drying and pyrolysis solution.

The pyrolysis process eliminates all microplastic, medicine residues and other harmful organic compounds turning the dried sludge into a hygienized, odor free, storage stable biochar and thermal energy.

Shizen Energy provides a one-stop service from site development to construction, post-completion O&M and asset management. They work consistently to maximize solar power generation by understanding all the characteristics of the land and the construction process and seamlessly passing it on to the 20-year O&M team. With the experience and expertise, they are also able to offer services for financing the construction of new solar plant (rooftop & farmland) and commercializing projects that may have been suspended.