Message from the Founder

With great pleasure, welcome to Terotechnology Global Sdn Bhd!

We are an organization built upon the knowledge, strength and dedication of many senior management team members and employees who have vast expertise in their respective fields. Over the years, each one had been handpicked to form my team of professionals because being in the service industry I know that excellence and efficiency are non-negotiable qualities.

Having had the privilege of working with diverse clients, I realized that no two businesses are the same. Yet, I have discovered that they all resonate with a common search – a reliable and trustworthy service provider that can help optimize their assets and facilities utilization and manage costs efficiently. Understanding this, Terotechnology Global was established to provide the best services and solutions in this area.

We earned the trust of our clients quickly through unprecedented services delivery levels which have led to lasting business relationships and referrals. I wish to take this opportunity to thank them for their support which provided us the springboard to become an international corporation today.

We continue to remain vigilant and open to grow our portfolio in line with the fast-paced business arena guided by a commitment to high quality services and creative solutions.

In all that we do, the betterment of humanity is at the heart of it. Yet, our dedication and obsession with Quality, Excellence and Safety is never compromised.

I wish to personally thank you for exploring Terotechnology Global’s services here and please feel free to contact me or my team. We are ready to serve you.

Passcuran Kunjirama
Founder & Group Managing Director

Passcuran Kunjirama
Founder - Group MD