Providing consultancy and implementation support through intelligent solutions, cutting-edge technology and unprecedented human capital.

We invest in our people and technology components which form the lifeline of our consultancy and project management services.

Our Facility Consultancy & Project Management team spearhead the flawless transition management and operational readiness towards improved streamlined project management, job tasking, defending clients’ expectation, ensuring key deliverables of project milestones, cost and monitoring budgets. In addition to that, this dedicated team provides consultancy support to our Green Initiative projects, especially in the area of energy efficiency.

We study and architect solutions using best industries practice and support our clients by understanding their performance requirements and contract deliverables.

Our core competencies :

  • Technical & Financial due diligence study and audit.
  • Plant Mechanical Electrical Engineering audit on Reliability & Efficiency
  • Plant Inventory Management study and audit.
  • Plant commissioning and verification methodology.
  • Diagnostic Services.

Our managers and engineering team pay close attention to :

  • Define clients expectation KPI, SLA & EHS
  • Joint audit with clients on quality program, budget monitoring and contract performance.
  • Advice clients on Green Initiatives programs

Statutory Company / License


Ministry Of Finance Malaysia